Knowing Mary
through the Litany

How well do you know Our Lady?

Embedded in the Litany of the Blessed Virgin is what we believe of her. Get to know know Mary as the different tiles in the litany are explored and explained.

Knowing Mary through the Litany

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Program Overview

You will fall in love with Our Lady all over again

The litany was meant to invoke Mary through her different titles, and within those titles are marvelous secrets of what we believe of her.

If you've prayed the litany you may have glossed over Our Lady's different titles; sometimes not even understanding some of them. This talk will go deep into the meaning of some of Our Lady's titles. It will be a mixture of devotion, Tradition, Scripture, and doctrine all told in a very casual and interesting way.

The content is based on the book A Sky Full of Stars which explains all the titles.

Listening to this talk will make you fall in love with Our Lady all over again, and make a difference when you pray the litany.


Do I need to be Catholic to attend?
No. However the talks will surround Catholic doctrine and customs. It will also delve into Mariology: what it is we believe about Mary.
Do I need to know how to pray the litany?
No. The talk is meant for the listener to understand Mary, but using the litany as the "source" or outline.
Do I need to bring to bring anything?
No. However you can bring something to take down notes if it is something you'd like to do.
Do I need to be familiar with Catholic doctrine and scripture?
No, but a little knowledge might help. The talk is primarily aimed at people who know very average things about Catholicism, so a lot will be explained.

Program Features

Topics Breakdown

1. A Short History

A quick look at the litany will be discussed: where it came from, changes along the years, and how it is organized.

2. Titles of Our Lady

The litany is organized in groups where the titles are related. Some titles will be lumped together, but all the the different groups will be taken up in the talk. The talk will dig deep so that the meanings are thoroughly explained.

3. Q & A

Some time will be alloted for some questions about titles that were not taken up in the talk.